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Have any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of the music education options available?  Feel free to look over the frequently asked questions to the right, and if you do not see the answer to your question please send a message!

Jeremy is also always looking for way to help his students grow and give you online content you can use. Send requests for play alongs, charts, or practice videos! The best effort will be made to meet student’s requests. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I really learn to play music?

Of course you can! Everyone can! You may learn at a different pace, but that is ok! Music lessons will be custom to you and your preferences, and move at a speed you are comfortable with.  

Is there an age limit for lessons?

There is no upper age limit to the lessons, adults are encourage to pick up a new hobby! However, when starting a younger student on an instrument there are some constraints.  For example, the hands of a younger student are probably not large enough to start playing the bass.  Piano is generally recommended for the youngest of students, followed by guitar or ukulele.

Do I need my own instrument?

Yes.  It is highly recommended to have your own instrument both for the lessons and to practice with.  Obviously family members can share instruments.  If you need help selecting or finding an instrument, Jeremy can offer suggestions and advice.

How long will it take me to be able to play my instrument?

This question cannot be answered.  It all depends on you.  We all learn at different paces and have different talents, but at the end of the day a good portion of playing is repetition.  The more a student practices, the more improvement.  Students that wish to accelerate their learning can utilize the online content to practice at home.

What are your qualifications?

Even before attending college, Jeremy was already teaching lessons to others when he was only 16. He went to Northern Illinois University for Jazz Bass, but teaching won him over in the end and he graduated with a degree in Music Education. Jeremy is not only an experienced teacher, but also a performer.  He plays live music regularly with bands throughout Chicagoland and the midwest. Visit the about page for more information.

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